We Shouldn’t Give In to Politics Of Fear, We Should Have Courage and Be Kind

Fourth post is here early this week because I’ve been getting some love from my friends about the blog and what fuels creativity other than love? This one is dedicated to my friend because without the conversation we had I wouldn’t have thought about it (she also helped me write my emails to get my internship so shout out to Vani!). This post has been sitting on my drafts for two weeks because I’m scared to talk about politics but then it would be hypocrite to not actually post it just because I was scared.  ( I even googled if Indonesia has freedom of speech or not because I was never sure about it)

Some of my weekends are usually spent by staying over at my friend’s dorm at my old university and we would watch the newest American Horror Story episodes. The new theme for this season is ‘Cult’ and it adapted the theme surrounding the 2016 US Election. When i first watched the first episode, I just thought that maybe it’s an American Horror Story because Trump won the election. Let me explain the first episode briefly. Sarah Paulson (Ally) and her wife (Ivy) as the representative of the left wing side are devastated because Hillary Clinton lost and Trump won the election. Evan Peters plays Kai Anderson, representative of the Right-Wing, the Republican, the 4chan-anarchist type is ecstatic because he thinks that justice has finally done it’s favor. Kai then made a speech on a city council meeting about how fear is the greatest power of all and the people in the council should “watch out”. Suddenly there’s lots of jump scares and scary scenes consisting of clowns in the supermarket, Kai harassing Mexicans and the Clown Cult murdering a liberal Asian man and his wife.

After watching the first episode I realize that, this show isn’t actually siding on the left-wing side either and it’s also not explicitly saying that Trump is the one causing all the mayhem in the AHS universe. In one scene there is also Ivy reminding her wife that she should’ve voted for Clinton instead of not voting for any candidate to prevent Trump from winning but then Ally said she couldn’t even trust Hillary. Trump is known for exploiting “fear” through out his campaign. “Let’s build a wall to keep the Mexicans away” or “Crime numbers are mostly caused by  non-white Americans”.


source: BBC.com

People are indeed scared. Numerous crimes happening in Europe, IS terrorizing UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain and other countries and UK finally felt that they’re too scared to let refugees into their country anymore so UK voted to exit the EU. Trump used this situation and fear to gain votes. He’s actually the only candidate who would build a wall in order to “protect” people and ban some Muslim Countries to enter the state. People who are scared would actually see it as a good thing. Imagine that you saw your neighbor exterminating the thing that has been causing trouble, suddenly this Exterminator Man promised you that he would build a fence to keep the vermin away and also forbid them to enter your lawn before they make a nest and terrorize your family. Now, this is just a simple analogy, I’m not saying that refugees or the Mexicans are vermin but this is how people on the right-wing sees them. This is what’s being emphasized in American Horror Story season 7. Trump didn’t ask for the Clown Cult to terrorize the liberals in the town, it’s the people themselves who learned how to exploit fear to get what they want and to bully others.  As for the clowns, they’re in the show because clowns are trending. This whole conversation I had with my friend about the politics of fear gave me real goosebumps.

Politics of Fear did not only happen in America or in Europe, It also happend in Indonesia. The 2017 Jakarta Governor Election is the proof. I solely believe that Ahok is the best candidate for Jakarta and he has concrete proof (no pun intended) that he has done a great job for the capital. On the other hand, the other candidate Anies Baswedan was fired as the Minister Education because he wasn’t performing well. Surprisingly, Anies won the election and Ahok lost. Not only that he lost, he is also in prison because some group of people accused him of blasphemy. He quoted a verse from the Quran and Ahok himself is a devoted Christian. Just be honest, Anies won because some people didn’t want to be governed by a Christian. They feared that they would sinned if they let themselves to be governed by a Kaffir (disbeliever).

I wasn’t shocked when I read the results of the election. I know that even though some citizens of Jakarta indeed believed in Ahok, 58 percent of them feared of being led by a Christian and Chinese Descent Governor. I understand, it is human to feel fear, it is also human to make mistakes when you are scared. Fear is irrational but it could also be manipulated. I just wish that all of us are brave enough to not be exploited by a group of people. I just wish that we are not consumed by fear all the time. I just wish that all of us have the same united courage when we were declaring our countries’ Independence. We were educated to constantly ‘fear’ since we were young. “Don’t take the train you will get mugged”, “Don’t study liberal arts you won’t get a job!” , “Don’t make political memes you could go to jail for it!”

In the end all I want to say is, have courage and be kind. I know I quoted this from the Cinderella movie, and I know this advice sounds naive like “oooh you don’t know the pain of the world you don’t know fear silly girl” but, if we try to be brave and try to be kind to one another, we wouldn’t let evil or fear control and exploit us. Say what’s in your mind in a polite manner, involve yourself as a member of the democratic society, take one step at a time if you’re not brave enough but don’t let fear completely control you.

Thank you for reading this and I hope I didn’t offend any right-wings, republicans or any other groups. Freedom of speech you know, I respect your views whatever it is and I hope you respect mine too 🙂

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What is a Kafir? The Confusion in English Regarding the Quranic Use of the Word ‘Kafir’





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